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1024 Video’s On Property & Liability Insurance

I completed 1024 videos dealing with the matters covered in my book “Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide” available from the National Underwriter Company at

The purpose of this videoblog is to create a complete insurance claims education in three to four minute increments. It was created to allow the student – whether a novice or experienced insurance professional – to learn painlessly by viewing one or more video a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year. The videos will provide anyone interested in insurance to painlessly learn everything there is to know about property and casualty insurance claims while having the morning’s first cup of coffee or while munching on the first bagel of the day.

If you start at Video Volume 1 and watch a new video every day, three minutes a day, five days a week, you will have 12.5 hours of insurance education at the end of a year.

The entire book has been covered by the videos and nothing new will be added. Start at the bottom of the list and go forward or view whatever video interests you.

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