Zalma’s Flat Rate Opinions

Do You Need a Coverage Opinion?

  • Are you faced with an insurance coverage dispute?
  • Are you faced with a claim that cannot be resolved without expert help?
  • Is your coverage dispute one that can be resolved by a coverage opinion from an experienced, respected insurance coverage consultant with more than 50 years of insurance claims experience?
  • Do you need evidence of a genuine dispute between you and an insured?
  • Do you need an opinion that an insurer violated its obligation to follow the custom and practice of the insurance claims industry?

If so, your problem can be solved easily by asking for a one time expert opinion from Barry Zalma who will provide that opinion for a flat fee of only $5,000.00.

Send an e-mail to Mr. Zalma at with the claim file, policy wording and any other information you believe necessary for him to review in electronic format (Adobe .pdf) and wire $5,000 to  Wells Fargo Bank, Account: Account: 1013258585, Routing No: 121000248.

Mr. Zalma will immediately review your materials and provide you with an oral or written opinion as soon as possible depending on the amount of material provided to review and the complexity of the issue. Usually no more than one or two weeks from submission.

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