Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – March 15, 2021


Proving Fraud by A Predetermined Treatment Protocol

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Articles in the March 15, 2021 Issue include the following:

RICO Action Against Medical Providers Raises Discovery Difficulties

Insurance companies who claim to be the victims of health care providers operating in a no fault auto insurance state like Florida. In Government Employees Insurance Co., et al. v. Mark A. Cereceda, et al., CASE NO. 19-22206-CIV-ALTONAGA/GOODMAN, United States District Court Southern District of Florida Miami Division (January 15, 2021) where Plaintiffs filed a 406-page Complaint asserting 43 counts and attaching more than 8,500 pages of spreadsheets as exhibits. Specifically, Government Employees Insurance Co. (“Geico”) and related Geico entities (“Geico,” collectively) sued chiropractor (Mark A. Cereceda), other healthcare providers, and myriad LLCs which purportedly provided fraudulent healthcare services. Geico alleges that Cereceda is the managing member and owner of the LLCs.

An insurer alleging fraud based on a predetermined treatment protocol should not have to prove that each claim, in a vacuum, is fraudulent. A middle-ground accepted by courts allows insurers to rely on non-credible patterns in providers’ bills and documentation to explain globally why groups of claims are fraudulent, provided the insurer sufficiently identifies the claims at issue. It can also use specific cases to prove the pattern or fraud but then it must respond in detail to discovery requests.  In that regard I have seen in my practice medical billing and reporting that was identical to multiple patients except for the name of the patient. If Geico can show that type of fraud it will have no problem with the RICO action proof and will not need to answer interrogatories about the thousands of fraudulent claims.

When You Do the Crime, You Must Do the Time

Doctor Unsuccessfully Claimed He Was A “Patsy” Who Was Talked into Helping A Criminal

Insurance Fraud Should Not Be A Retirement Plan

Insurance Fraud Gets You Three Squares and a Cot

Good News From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Taking Insurance Check & Cashing It Twice Is Fraud

Insurance Fraudster & Thief Appeals Conviction Requiring A 35 Page Opinion Affirming the Conviction

Health Insurance Fraud Convictions

Other Insurance Fraud Convictions

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