Mold Myths


Insurance Claims and Mold Reality

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Get Rich Quick Thanks to Mold

Although there have been successful lawsuits, the days of multi-million dollar verdicts in insurance mold claims are probably disappearing.

As for the get-rich-quick mold remediation companies, they are finding that they must give real service or they will soon be visiting the bankruptcy court.

“Killer Mold” Exists

Despite alarmist headlines that pronounce “Black mold can kill you!” medical research has not been able to determine what amount of exposure to “black mold,” if any, is toxic to a normally healthy individual. [Article in the IEQ Review entitled “Indoor Exposure To Molds And Allergic Sensitization”] Nonetheless, there are several toxic and pathogenic species of mold that can have a severe acute or chronic effect on people, especially those whose immune systems are compromised.

Mold Can Be Killed with Bleach Alone

Although a 10% bleach solution is, in some cases, an effective means of cleaning up mold, it is not a solution. It is more important to determine why the mold is there in the first place. If the moisture and warm temperatures that facilitate the growth are not remedied, mold will return no matter how much bleach is applied.

The Existence of Mold Means There Is a Problem

Mold exists everywhere. It is an important component of the natural scheme of things. Once a baseline is established for “normal” quantities of mold, the property owner can be certain that there is no problem until the normal quantities are exceeded. Unfortunately, most self-proclaimed experts in the field have yet to agree on what is “normal.

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