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I have just posted at my community, the beginning of “What is Insurance”, that is the first installment which begins as follows:

What is Insurance?

I have just posted at my community, Zalma on Insurance, that is the first installment on an article on the question of “What is Insurance” which begins as follows. If you wish to read this, and follow-up postings that will include everything from the treatise, Zalma on Insurance, you must subscribe to my account at:

Insurance policies are contracts. To form a contract, an insurer must make an offer that is accepted by a potential insured who then pays consideration – premiums – for the promises made by the insurer. Insurance contracts, like all contracts, can only exist if there is an offer, acceptance of the offer and payment of consideration.
An insurance contract exists when an insurer and the insured agrees that the insurer will provide indemnity to the insured as a result of a contingent or unknown event that causes loss to the insured.

The language of insurance contracts come in multiple formats with an almost infinite variety of terms and conditions. I personally have collected, over the last 54 years about 17 linear feet of multiple insurance forms created by the Insurance Services Office (“ISO”), Standard, and individual insurance company specialty forms. In addition, since the advent of the Internet I have collected gigabytes of insurance policy forms as paper has given way to digital insurance policy wording.

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