Happy Thanksgiving from Barry Zalma, Barry Zalma, Inc. and our family

What I am Thankful For:

My family and I have much to be thankful for this year, not the least of which are my cardiologist and cardio surgeon who saved my life last year performed a major open heart by pass surgery and their continuing care that has allowed me to work eight hours a day doing what I love the most, writing about insurance and legal matters.
To me, I am thankful for you, my friends, clients and readers of “Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter,” my blog “Zalma on Insurance”, and my books and other writing.
As a first generation American I am honored to join with all Americans the ability to celebrate Thanksgiving that started when we were just a colony of Great Britain to give thanks for the good things in life at least once a year. It took Abraham Lincoln, our greatest President to make it an official holiday. The Thanksgiving holiday gives me and my family the opportunity to consider the blessings my family and I have received and to thank all who have made it possible.
Please allow me this opportunity to explain to you all the things I, and my family, can give thanks for:
1.   I have loved my wife of 52 years since we first met when she was nine and I was twelve.
2.   I am thankful that she still loves me and lets me make clear every day that I love her more now than I did when she ignored me when I was 12.
3.   My three adult children who are successes in their own right.
4.   That my three children, my almost three-year-old granddaughter live nearby, put up with my wife and I, and are healthy, successful, and mostly happy in what they do.
5.   That my grandson is now a college student at Puget Sound University in Washington state.
6.   My clients who, for the more than 52 years have allowed me to earn a living doing what I love: practicing law, acting as a consultant, testifying as an expert witness and writing materials to help others in the insurance profession.
7.   My publishers the American Bar Association, Full Court Press, Fastcase.com, Thomson Reuters and Amazon.com.
8.   My dearly departed parents and grandparents for having the good sense to leave the Mediterranean at the beginning of the 20th Century so we could avoid the Holocaust and I could be born American.
9.   My country for giving me a place to live and work in peace and complain about it without fear.
10.   The state of California, where I was born, and have lived for 77 years, for allowing me to have my home and grow my family, and the ability to pay the high taxes for the privilege.
11.   Those of you who read what I write and gain something from it.
12.   Seventy seven years of mostly good health, but for a small heart attack and clogged arteries, that gives me the ability to continue to work – albeit at a reduced rate.
13.   Allowing me the health and ambition to avoid my cardiologist by walking every day at least three to five miles each day.
14.   The hundreds of friends I have never met but with whom the Internet has allowed me to communicate in parts of the world I have never visited.
15.   The wonder of the Internet that allows me to publish E-books, ZIFL and my blog instantly on line.
16.   That my family can get together to express our thanks for each other and our happiness this year again without a need for anything but enjoying each other’s company.
17.   That most of you who I know only by my publications can also gather with your families to express your thanks.
When I left a required stint in the Military in 1967 I was able to study at night while I worked as a full-time insurance adjuster with the Fireman’s Fund American Insurance Companies, I was fortunate enough to work for a claims manager – Coleman T. Mobley — who did not require me to go out of state to adjust major storm claims if it interfered with my law school studies. Because of Mr. Mobley and the Fireman’s Fund I was able to complete my studies and pass the California Bar in 1971 and allowed me to be admitted to the California Bar on January 2, 1972.
When I started practicing law in 1972 new technology allowed a typewriter to erase errors from the keyboard, legal research was done in a large library and took days to find support for an issue, and I needed three professional legal secretaries to keep up with my dictation. Now, using modern technology, I can do the same legal research in 30 minutes on Fastcase.com, need no secretary, and can operate my consulting and publishing business with no employees.
I hope, on this Thanksgiving weekend, that you can join my family and me remembering that it is more important to think about our blessings and those things that we have to be thankful for than to get in line for “Black Friday” to buy an inexpensive flat screen t.v. or tablet.
Enjoy the holiday and your family as I will.
Feel free to contact me anytime you have any insurance claims, insurance coverage, or insurance fraud issues.
Barry Zalma
Barry Zalma, Inc.

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An insurance coverage and claims handling author, consultant and expert witness with more than 48 years of practical and court room experience.
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