Fraud by Divine Right


A Video True Crime Story of Insurance Fraud

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They were All-American girls. Muffy and Buffy met each other as cheerleaders in high school. They were best friends. They did everything together. The two young women shared everything from clothes to boyfriends. They decided to use insurance fraud to supplement their income and allow them to continue to live with nothing but the best in excess of their earnings.

Buffy and Muffy admitted to the adjuster that the watches were never stolen in either claim. They withdrew the claim for the two watches. They still tried to convince him that the rest of their claim resulted from a legitimate auto burglary. He was not convinced. He denied the claim on the spot. He followed up with a written denial.

He reported the claim to the Fraud Division who agreed it was a fraudulent claim and presented it to the local district attorney. The District Attorney refused to prosecute on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to guarantee a conviction.

Muffy and Buffy went back to work at the bank. They hired a lawyer who threatened to sue if the claim was not paid in full. Since there was no arrest the insurer felt vulnerable. It paid $60,000 to obtain a general release.

Muffy and Buffy lived comfortably for a while on the money the lawyer obtained for them.  They were determined to, and continued to, commit insurance fraud once every few years, to supplement their income.

For Muffy and Buffy crime pays well.

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