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In construction defect cases, the standard of care and its breach must generally be shown through expert testimony. Lay testimony is sometimes sufficient where the defects are of common knowledge.

In construction cases and other cases involving licensed professionals, standard of care evidence in negligence matters generally must be provided by expert testimony, because the standard of care involved in construction is not an area that comes within the realm of common knowledge. Expert testimony regarding a standard of care is generally not required to establish a breach of contract rather than conduct beneath the standard of care. There are many experts involved, not only in the construction of a building, but also the investigation of any defects that surface after a building is complete. A person faced with liability for a defective structure or a potentially dangerous structure should consider involving various experts.

The Construction Consultant

There are few schools that teach construction except those that assist individuals to become licensed general contractors. Consequently, a construction consultant develops his or her expertise by a combination of education, training, and experience as a general contractor in the state where the property is located. He or she also usually has experience in evaluating the work of people in the construction trades. The construction consultant can also establish his or her credentials by earning a license to construct buildings (and in fact doing so), and by being well-read in the field of construction, publishing peer-reviewed articles and books in his or her fields of expertise, and testifying in court on the subject. A construction expert is a person with practical experience, rather than one whose knowledge comes from schooling alone. Such experts are considered to be the most effective in providing advice, and in convincing a jury of the correctness of their advice and stated conclusions.

The Structural Engineer

Structural Engineering is the science and art of designing and making, with economy and elegance, buildings, bridges, frameworks and other similar structures so that they can safely resist the forces to which they may be subjected

The Geotechnical Engineer

Along with the structural engineer, the geotechnical engineer is responsible for the stability of the structure. The structural engineer is responsible for the structure itself while the geotechnical engineer is responsible for the ground upon which the structure is built. No matter how strong the foundation or footings are, if the soil in which the foundation is placed is not stable, the entire structure can fail.

The Forensic Roofing Consultant

The forensic roofing consultant is a specialized construction consultant whose expertise is limited to roofs, roof structures, and the damages that occur when a roof fails to perform as designed.

Building Code Compliance Expert

The Architect

The Insurance Consultant

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