A Video About the Adjustment of a Commercial Property Claim


Commercial Property Claims Require Experienced and Qualified Adjusters

See the full video at https://rumble.com/vgze7v-adjustment-of-a-commercial-property-claim.html  and at https://youtu.be/A28popOyoVw

The adjustment of a commercial loss is performed in the same manner as any other property loss. The difference is one of tone, extent of loss and professionalism of the insured, rather than substance.

Adjusters who usually deal with a business entity, and its officers or employees, rather than an individual, find claims handling is often, but not necessarily always, easier.

The experienced adjuster who deals with commercial claims usually has knowledge of the business and the people who operate the business. Some insurers even assign a single adjuster to a major commercial insured to handle all claims presented by the commercial insured. Familiarity, and a good working relationship over a period of months or years, benefits both the insured and the insurer.

A fire can be devastating for a business if the business is not rapidly put back to work after the fire is extinguished. The adjuster must recognize this fact and act quickly to complete a fair and thorough investigation.

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