A Video About Care Needed to Elect Rescission


Rescission is an Important Remedy to Avoid Fraud

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Never Rescind a Policy Without a Thorough Investigation and Advice of Counsel

Insurers must use the rescission remedy with care. Insurers should never assume that the promise to pay indemnity to the insured under a policy of insurance can, with impunity, be broken by advising the insured that the insurer has rescinded the policy.

Rescission without sufficient evidence is wrongful. Rescission without the advice of competent counsel is a tactic fraught with peril.  Rescission without a thorough investigation is dangerous. Where no valid ground for rescission exists, the threat or attempt to seek such relief, may constitute a breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing which is implied in the policy and expose the insurer to tort damages for that breach, including punitive damages.  One plaintiffs’ lawyer became wealthy when he learned that claims people were given a rubber stamp that said “RESCISSION” and had no idea what it was. He would take the claims person’s deposition and ask them to spell the word. When the claims person failed his bad faith case was established. When they spelled the word correctly, he would ask the adjuster to state the elements necessary to effect a rescission. Almost none could answer.

California, with a Draconian rescission law, still make it clear that if an insurer elects rescission without sufficient evidence it will bring the wrath of the courts down on it and will be the basis for allegations, easily proven, of extra-contractual torts. [ Imperial Casualty & Indemnity Co. v. Sogomonian (1988) 198 Cal.App.3d 169, 184, 243 Cal. Rptr. 639.]

If sufficient evidence exists, the rescission remedy will deprive the insured or the insurer of all rights under the policy. The court will conclude that the contract never existed and neither party has any right under the contract.


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