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Barry Zalma, Inc. makes available Barry Zalma’s more than 53 years of practical insurance claims experience as a claims person and insurance coverage lawyer to serve those who are faced with an insurance claim or coverage dispute. Mr. Zalma will assist his clients to resolve any insurance problem faced by lawyers representing insurers, lawyers representing policyholders, insurance claims management, insurance claims personnel, and those they seek to serve. The experience and skill of Mr. Zalma as a consultant can make the difference before a jury, other trier of fact, or mediator.

Barry Zalma founded Barry Zalma, Inc. in 1979 to help resolve every insurance claim problem faced by you or your clients. For more than 53 years as a claims person and insurance coverage attorney, Barry Zalma has represented insurers, advised insurers on claims handling, interpreted coverages and testified as an insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, insurance claims handling and insurance fraud expert on behalf of insurers and policy holders’ suing insurers. His license to practice law is now registered as “inactive” and he now limits his practice to consultation and service as an insurance claims handling expert.

Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized expert on insurance, insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance fraud, and insurance bad faith. Barry Zalma will promptly review your file materials and advise you about the viability of your decision to sue or the defenses you need to assert. He can help you narrow the scope of discovery.

Barry Zalma is available to provide advice to counsel representing insurers and policyholders counsel. Advice from Mr. Zalma is indispensable to the resolution of insurance disputes. Consultation can save you, your counsel or client hundreds of hours of investigative and legal work.

With comprehensive knowledge of insurance and insurance claims handling Mr. Zalma understands, and can help his clients explain in language a lay jury understands, how and why insurance claims should have been, or should be resolved. He will explain whether or not the conduct of the insurer was presented in good faith and the insured dealt with fairly and whether disputes were genuine or fairly debatable.  Conversely, depending on the facts, he can explain to a jury when the conduct of an insurer was inadequate, improper, outside the custom and practice of the injury, and in bad faith.

Mr. Zalma’s rates are all inclusive. Mr. Zalma’s hourly fee of $600 per hour includes all incidentals from telephone calls and postage to computer time and word processing. As for third-party costs, Zalma passes along all discounts and vendor savings.

The client pays what Barry Zalma, Inc. pays. Not a penny more.  Barry Zalma, Inc. has made the billing process simple.

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