Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter — March 1, 2012



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In this, the fifth issue of the 16th year of publication Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL) reports on the crime of insurance fraud reminding its readers that insurance fraud continues, without any cognizable abatement. Insurers must remain vigilant in the effort to limit the success of fraud perpetrators.

The current issue reports on the discovery of a lake full of cars in Florida, that some frauds never go away with a report on litigation to recover monies stolen by Insurance scofflaw Martin Frankel; Chapter IV of the serialized novel “Murder and Insurance Fraud Don’t Mix”; a report on the dumbest of all frauds attempted; the importance of whistle blowers to the success of Justice Department fraud prosecutions and recovery of funds from fraud perpetrators and, as usual, reports on convictions for insurance fraud.

ZIFL’s author, Barry Zalma, also writes the blog “Zalma on Insurance” that was named by LexisNexis as one of the top 50 Insurance Law Blogs. “Zalma on Insurance” continues to post a summary of a new and interesting appellate decisions five days a week. Mr. Zalma has posted this year more than 367 articles on the blog whose readership is growing daily. The blog is intended to act as a daily supplement to Mr. Zalma’s new e-book “Zalma on Insurance” which contains what Mr. Zalma believes are most of the important insurance cases decided in the US and is available from

If you or your client face a potential insurance fraud, an insurance coverage issue, an insurance claims handling issue or a claim of the tort of bad faith, and wish to have the assistance of one of the very best insurance coverage counsel and insurance claims handling expert or consultant, contact Barry Zalma at 310-390-4455. Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized insurance coverage, insurance claims handling and insurance bad faith expert witness or consultant.  He is available to provide advice, counsel, consultation and expert testimony concerning insurance fraud, first and third party insurance coverage issues, insurance claims handling and bad faith.

ZIFL is published 24 times a year by ClaimSchool, Inc. It is provided free to clients and friends of the Law Offices of Barry Zalma, Inc., clients of Zalma Insurance Consultants and anyone who subscribes at  The Adobe and text version are available FREE on line at

Mr. Zalma publishes books on insurance topics and insurance law at where you can purchase  e-books written and published by Mr. Zalma and ClaimSchool, Inc.  Mr. Zalma also blogs “Zalma on Insurance” at

ZIFL will be posted for a full month in pdf and full color FREE at

If you need additional information contact Barry Zalma at 310-390-4455 or write to him at

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An insurance coverage and claims handling author, consultant and expert witness with more than 48 years of practical and court room experience.
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