Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – June 15, 2017

The Phantom Moose
Insurance Fraud

In the last 49 years that I have been in the business of insurance I have learned the one thing that is a certainty: the quality of insurance fraud perpetrators is almost non-existent. That means that it is so easy to steal from insurance companies that amateurs with no skills are jumping into the business of defrauding insurers. If the insurance industry learns enough about insurance fraud and defeats the claims of the amateurs the professional fraud perpetrators will go away and work easier crimes. If not, they will continue to bleed the insurance industry. It has been my desire, for the last 20 years

Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter
has been published, to help in the effort to make insurance fraud more difficult for the perpetrators and reduce what fraud takes from the insurance industry.

Certified Expert in Corporate Property and Corporate Liability Insurance

In order to help train insurance professionals I have created the Certified Expert in Corporate Property Insurance and the Certified Expert in Corporate Liability Insurance programs for

It is a comprehensive program enabling insurance professionals to become Certified Experts in Corporate Property Insurance.

The programs provide a complete course of study providing education and training to allow insurance professionals, after completing the individual classes, to become Certified Expert in Corporate Property Insurance and/or a Certified Expert in Corporate Liability Insurance. The programs cover everything an employee, an officer, or a director of a corporation needs to know about the acquisition of proper insurance and to how insurers deal with claims.

Major topics of study include, but are not limited to: the importance of insurance; how to acquire insurance and understand an insurance policy; the methods used by insurers to investigate claims; the various types of insurance that corporations need; the duties and obligations of a public adjuster; and how to present a claim that will be paid.  When you go to simply type “zalma” in the search bar and you will find all courses I have written for

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