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Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL) continues its 28th year of publication dedicated to those involved in reducing the effect of insurance fraud. ZIFL is published 24 times a year by ClaimSchool and is written by Barry Zalma. It is provided FREE to anyone who visits the site at  This issue contains the following articles:

Arsonist Must Serve Full Sentence

Chutzpah: Serial Arsonist & Insurance Fraudster Requests Shortened Sentence

Arson-for-Profit is the most evil form of insurance fraud where people may be injured or die. Defendant Michael Thomas set fire to many properties in a mobile home park and then used the mail to collect insurance money. He was charged with four counts of mail fraud, went to trial and the jury convicted him on all counts. The Court sentenced him to a below-guidelines sentence of ninety months of imprisonment. His sentence is set to expire on February 11, 2025. Mr. Thomas is currently under home confinement under the CARES Act.

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Insurers Act to Defeat Fraud


Insurers have found that states, like New York, will do little or nothing to deter insurance fraud. Determined to protect its assets and its insureds, many GEICO brand insurance companies have acted proactively against people and health care providers who are attempting to defraud them and their insureds. In Government Employees Insurance Company, et. al. v. Colin Clarke, M.D., Colin Clarke Md P.C., Svetlana Kovaleva a/k/a Melana Kay, Medical Evaluation Services & Billing, Inc., Medical Consultation Services & Billing, Inc., and John Doe Defendants, No. 1:23-CV-04605 (FB) (SJB), United States District Court, E.D. New York (June 20, 2024) the fraud perpetrators attempted to defeat GEICO’s RICO action by counterclaiming that GEICO committed fraud.

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More McClenny Moseley & Associates Issues

This is ZIFL’s thirtieth installment of the saga of McClenny, Moseley & Associates and its problems with the federal courts in the State of Louisiana and what appears to be an effort to profit from what some Magistrate and District judges indicate may be criminal conduct to profit from insurance claims relating to hurricane damage to the public of the state of Louisiana with new orders from the Louisiana Federal Courts.

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The Compact Book of Adjusting Property Claims Fourth Edition

In Kindle, paperback and hardback formats, The Compact Book of Adjusting Property Claims, Fourth Edition is now available for purchase here and here. The Fourth Edition contains updates and clarifications from the first three editions plus additional material for the working adjuster and the insurance coverage lawyer.

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Insurance Fraud Report From Forbes Advisor

This article was adapted from an article by Forbes Advisor that relies, in great part, on estimates of insurance fraud from the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners,

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Health Insurance Fraud Convictions

Wellesley Psychiatrist Sentenced to Over Eight Years in Prison for $19 Million Insurance Fraud Scheme; Billed Insurance Companies for Thousands of Services He Never Provided

Gustavo Kinrys, 53, of Wellesley, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Denise J. Casper to 99 months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release. Kinrys was also ordered to pay restitution and forfeiture in an amount to be determined at a later hearing. In October 2023, following a jury trial, Kinrys was convicted of seven counts of wire fraud, six counts of false statements relating to health care matters, and one count of obstructing a criminal health care investigation.

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Louisiana Litigation Finance Regulations

Gov. Jeff Landry signed a bill on June 19 and it will become law the first of August, 2024. His predecessor, Democrat John Bel Edwards, last year vetoed more expansive legislation that would have generally required third-party funding disclosures in civil cases.

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Convictions of Other Than Health Insurance Fraud

Former Camarillo Insurance Agent Sentenced To 16 Years In $1.2 Million Senior Scam

Brett E. Lovett, 53, of Camarillo, a Former licensed insurance agent, was sentenced June 19, 2024 to 16 years and eight months in jail after being found guilty of 29 felony counts including grand theft, elder abuse, money laundering, and burglary. A 15-month California Department of Insurance investigation found he defrauded at least nine victims, including senior citizens, of close to $1.2 million.

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Categories of Fraud

Fraud is so common that it can be categorized in countless ways. Fundamentally, every type of fraud is either organizational or individual.  All of these categories are used by insurance fraud perpetrators.

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Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, now limits his practice to service as an insurance consultant specializing in insurance coverage, insurance claims handling, insurance bad faith and insurance fraud almost equally for insurers and policyholders. He also serves as an arbitrator or mediator for insurance related disputes. He practiced law in   for more than 44 years as an insurance coverage and claims handling lawyer and more than 54 years in the insurance business. He is available at and

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About Barry Zalma

An insurance coverage and claims handling author, consultant and expert witness with more than 48 years of practical and court room experience.
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