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Bases for Rescission

Rescission Is an Equitable Remedy First Created in The Ecclesiastical Courts of Elizabethan England.

When the United States was conceived in 1776 the founders were concerned with protecting their rights under British common law.

Common Law is a form of law developed by judges through tribunals and decisions of courts rather than executive branch action and legislative statutes.

Following the common law tradition, legal principles were referred to courts of equity to “mitigate the rigor” of the common law.

The new United States of America adopted British common law as the law once the U.S. Constitution was adopted in 1789. British common law was only modified by the limitations placed on the central government by the Constitution.

The viability and ability to enforce contracts was recognized as essential to commerce. Courts of law, following the British Common Law, were charged with enforcing legitimate contracts and rendering money judgments against the party who breached the contract.

Another Florida Insurer Goes Broke

Southern Fidelity Insurance Company has entered into receivership and is being liquidated, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations (FLOIR).

Insurance fraud is rampant in Florida.

Lawyer Admits to Insurance Fraud & Theft from Clients

Convicted of Fraud & Theft Enough for Disbarment

On September 7, 2021, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) requested this Court place Respondent Richard Alexander Murdaugh on interim suspension based upon information indicating Respondent had stolen funds from the law firm that employed him. Respondent consented to the relief and on September 8, 2021, the Supreme Court issued an order suspending Respondent from the practice of law. In re Murdaugh, 434 S.C. 233, 863 S.E.2d 335 (2021) and, in In the Matter of Richard Alexander Murdaugh, Supreme Court of South Carolina, June 16, 2022 the Supreme Court was faced with the obligation to render a final order re Murdaugh’s license to practice law.

Chutzpah: Murder for Insurance Money Life Sentences Affirmed


When convicted of murder in the first degree and conspiracy to commit murder for life insurance money, the defendants require a great deal of chutzpah (unmitigated gall) to file multiple appeals to reduce or eliminate the life without parole sentences. In the latest effort, The People v. Leny Peterson Galafate, F081563, California Court of Appeals, Fifth District (June 9, 2022) the Court of Appeal wrote a detailed opinion discussing all of the arguments filed by the murderer expending more time and paper than a convicted murder who had already appealed unsuccessfully to different courts that was not deserved.

Good News From the

Health Insurance Fraud Convictions

Molina Healthcare Agrees to Pay Over $4.5 Million To Resolve False Claims Act Violations

Molina Healthcare, Inc. (Molina) and its previously owned subsidiary, Pathways of Massachusetts (Pathways), have agreed to pay $4.625 million to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by submitting reimbursement claims while violating several regulations related to the licensure and supervision of staff.

Molina is a managed care health services company that provides health care plans to various state and federal health care programs including MassHealth, the joint federal and state Medicaid program. Between November 2015 and March 2018, Molina owned and operated Pathways, a group of mental health centers located in Springfield and Worcester. During that period, the government contends that Molina and Pathways improperly submitted claims for reimbursement to MassHealth and care entities managed by MassHealth while failing to properly license and supervise mental health center staff, including social workers and psychological associates, and failing to provide and timely document the provision of adequate clinical supervision to clinicians requiring supervision.

Excellence in Claims Handling


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Become a Professional Claims Handler

In search of profit, insurers have decimated their professional claims staff. They laid off experienced personnel and replaced them with young, untrained, unprepared people. A virtual clerk replaced the old professional claims handler. Process and computers replaced hands-on human skill, empathy and judgment. Money was saved by paying lower salaries. Within three months of firing the experienced claims people gross profit increased.

Other Insurance Fraud Convictions

Ex-Surrey Banker Faked Cancer as Part Of £1.8m Fraud

Rajesh Ghedia, 42, said he would be dead in a year in a £1.2m insurance scam, Southwark Crown Court heard. He also swindled seven people – including a relative – out of huge sums of money by encouraging them to invest in non-existent financial products.

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