Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – December 15, 2018

Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter  

A Christmas Fable of Fraud 

 Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter, Volume 22, No. 24     


Merry Christmas

A Christmas Fable of Fraud

ZIFL publishes this story at Christmas time every year. I hope you like it again.

Raymond Alexander had no religion. He cared only for himself and the money he could take from good-hearted people.

Raymond loved the Christmas season.

The marks were in such a kind and giving mood it wasn’t even work to take their money.

The Christmas before last Raymond stumbled on insurance fraud as a lucrative means of making quick, easy money. Raymond made a good living playing bunco schemes about town. He would work the money switch with old folks, the dip, and every possible scam invented to take money from honest people who had a little larceny in their hearts.
Because he was good at what he did Raymond lived well. He leased a three-bedroom apartment in the best part of town, drove a BMW convertible when he wasn’t working and purchased all of his suits from a custom tailor. He ate at gourmet restaurants and collected an eclectic assortment of popular art dishes and Lladro figurines.

The Christmas Present We All Need 

The Christmas present I would like is a state government willing to prosecute every insurance fraud to the limit of the law. I dream of an insurance industry willing to spend the money necessary to fight insurance fraud.  Santa, this is what I want as a gift to me and the entire world: Governments and insurers willing to fight insurance fraud and give no quarter to the fraud perpetrator.

Read the entire story and the rest of ZIFL here.

 The Current Issue Contains the Following  

  • Merry Christmas
  • A Christmas Fable of Fraud
  • Guilty of Arson Should Also be Guilty for Insurance Fraud
  • Investigating Fraud
  • Surveillance & The Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Good News From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
  • The Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame
  • Health Insurance Fraud Convictions
  • Other Insurance Fraud Convictions
  • Books from Barry Zalma – All Available at the Insurance Claims Library
  • New From Barry Zalma, Zalma on Property and Casualty Insurance.


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