Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter – April 15, 2017

Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter

The Essential Resource For The Insurance Fraud Professional  

 Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter, Volume 21, No. 8

Every Insurance Adjuster Must Be Trained About Fraud

In the last 49 years that I have been in the business of insurance I have learned the one thing that is a certainty: the quality of insurance fraud perpetrators is almost non-existent. That means that it is so easy to steal from insurance companies that amateurs with no skills are jumping into the business of defrauding insurers. If the insurance industry learns enough about insurance fraud and defeats the claims of the amateurs the professional fraud perpetrators will go away and work easier crimes. If not, they will continue to bleed the insurance industry. It has been my desire, for the last 20 years Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter has been published, to help in the effort to make insurance fraud more difficult for the perpetrators and reduce what fraud takes from the insurance industry.

Because more insurers are training their people to recognize insurance fraud in this issue you may be surprised to see cases where fraud failed and the perpetrator spent time in jail even though the number of convictions seem to be shrinking.

The Current Issue Contains the Following

  • The Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts
  • Illumeo Continuing Education
  • “Post Loss Underwriting” is an Oxymoron
  • New from Barry Zalma
  • Equity & Insurance
  • Barry Zalma Speaks at Your Request
  • Agent Or Broker Can Be Liable for False Statements on Application
  • E-Books from Barry Zalma
  • Rescission Is A Remedy That Must Be Used With Care
  • The Zalma Insurance Claims Library
  • Wisdom
  • Barry Zalma
  • Good News From the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
  • Health Insurance Fraud Convictions
  • Zalma Insurance Consultants Provides the Following Services to its Clients
  • Other Insurance Fraud Convictions
  • Books from the American Bar Association
  • Soft Fraud
  • Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter
  • The Anti-Kickback Statute


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