Zalma Insurance Consultants Launches Video Insurance Training Program

Zalma’s Insurance 101” Provides Free Education on Insurance, Insurance Claims Handling and Coverage

Zalma Insurance Consultants and ClaimSchool Inc. have launched “Zalma’s Insurance 101,” a new online resource that provides video-based insurance training on Each educational video, which is about three minutes each, offers free commentaries on insurance, insurance claims handling, and insurance coverage.

Zalma’s Insurance 101 provides free, video-based education on insurance.

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Designed for people in the insurance business, whether they are working as an insurance agent, insurance broker, insurance claims person or insurance lawyer, the video series teaches the basics and beyond. It starts with a definition of insurance, moves through methods to read and understand an insurance policy, and continues on to deal with the claim and use of investigative techniques.

Barry Zalma, insurance lawyer, consultant and expert witness who creates the videos, shares his knowledge from more than 48 years in the insurance industry. The videos are based on Zalma’s books titled “Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide” and “Insurance Law,” which are available in the National Underwriter’s Company Zalma Insurance Claims Library.

Said Zalma, “It is my intent in creating these videos to provide anyone interested in insurance a means to painlessly learn everything there is to know about property and casualty insurance in three-minute increments. If you start at Video Volume 1 and watch a new video every day, three minutes a day, five days a week, you will have 12.5 hours of insurance education at the end of a year.”

About Zalma Insurance Consultants

Zalma Insurance Consultants (ZIC) makes available Barry Zalma’s more than 48 years of practical insurance claims experience to serve those who are faced with an insurance claims or coverage dispute. ZIC will assist its clients to resolve any insurance problem faced by lawyers representing insurers, lawyers representing policyholders, insurance claims management, insurance claims personnel, and those they seek to serve. The experience and skill of Mr. Zalma as a consultant and expert witness can make the difference before a jury, other trier of fact, or mediator. Mr. Zalma is an internationally recognized expert on insurance, insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance fraud, and insurance bad faith. Visit for more information.


Zalma Insurance Consultants
Barry Zalma, 310-390-4455

About Barry Zalma

An insurance coverage and claims handling author, consultant and expert witness with more than 48 years of practical and court room experience.
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