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What a Great Country!

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Wo Ping Chen was trained as a physician in Hong Kong. Until Hong Kong was returned by the United Kingdom to the Peoples Republic of China, he was the best known Orthopedist in the Crown Colony. Fearing problems with the new government he emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as a citizen of the commonwealth.

He worked as an employee of the National Health Service for a year and then obtained a work visa to the U.S. and crossed the border into the U.S. only to find he could not work as a physician without a license from a U.S. state and attended a U.S. based medical school. After one year of medical school, one year of internship in a Seattle hospital and one year as a resident Chen was able to restart his life.

His first effort upon receiving a license was to apply to the U.S. Government’s Medicare and Medicaid systems for a medical provider number which would give the government the ability to deposit funds electronically into his bank account without having to wait for a check to be received and collected.

His youngest daughter had found a husband and he was facing an expense of over $100,000 to pay for a traditional Chinese wedding and reception. He did not have the cash. He did, however, have a large list of Medicare and Medicaid patients in his data base.

He knew, from experience, that no one in the US Government or their agents would check his billing. He had served the public at low rates for many years. He decided to obtain the cost of his daughter’s wedding by using his computer.

He created invoices for 300 of his male Medicare patients for an office visit and complete blood test at $250 each. He dated the service carefully so he showed only ten of the 300 each day for 30 days. He did the same for 300 female patients for an office visit, a pelvic exam, and an x-ray to check for a potential broken hip, each for only $250. By the end of the month $150,000 was deposited into his account without question. He had the money for his daughter’s wedding and did not have to work for it.

Dr. Wo did not consider himself a criminal nor did the United States Government. He just played the system knowing that it was operated by people who did not care as long as the correct boxes in the computer were checked.

His crime succeeded because he was not greedy. He only did the major crime once. The computer operators at the Medicare payment offices never noticed that he did a cervical exam on an eighty-three-year-old man named Louis Jones.


Insurance fraud is often successful, as it was for Dr. Wo, because the governmental entities have little incentive to even look for fraud, investigate criminal conduct, or even try to do the job for which the government employees were charged. Dr. Wo was correct, this is a great country, and it gives away other people’s money to anyone with the gumption to ask. That includes my money and yours and Dr. Wo’s success offends me and should offend you.

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