Thank You St. Johns

Thank You St. Johns

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Since I started ZIFL twenty two years ago all I have discussed is the evil people who are involved in insurance fraud who kill people in arson-for-profit schemes, commit all types of insurance fraud from agricultural insurance claims fraud to medical claims fraud; from auto fraud to fake thefts and burglaries; from murder for insurance money to surgeries performed on people who don’t need it; from auto accident schemes that are really ways to feed oxycodone habits; and from crooked medical providers who steal from Medicare and Medicaid to lawyers who forgot their oaths to protect the Constitution of the United States. I’ve dealt with bad people for the last fifty years over a lengthy career in insurance claims and insurance law. I have put a few away in jail, defeated many fraudulent claims, and lost out to devious claimants and lawyers. I never stopped trying and I believe I was more successful at what I do than not.

I write ZIFL, my blog and books to pass on what I learned over the last fifty years so that it is now more difficult for the insurance criminals to succeed in their task.

On May 1, 2018 I published the issue of ZIFL and then went to visit my cardiologist, Richard F. Wright, who gave me a very fancy stress test that showed, with serious technology that my arteries were not passing sufficient blood to my heart to keep me alive and active. He scheduled an angiogram that sent a video camera up my arm into my heart to see if a balloon and stent could be used to clear the arteries. I was the one in 1000 patients where that wouldn’t work since putting a balloon at the location of the blockage would simply turn off my heart.

Since I was on blood thinners already, I was required to stay in a cardiac care unit for three days doing absolutely nothing except get to know some truly kind, efficient, beautiful, handsome, and almost perfect nurses and certified nurse assistants who were kind enough to laugh at my bad jokes.

I met with the surgeon who heads St. John’s cardiac surgery who would do a by-pass operation taking material from my chest and leg to take the place of those that had been plugged. Dr. John Robertson and his team of surgeons, pulmonary specialists, nurses, etc worked to get me ready. I have worn a beard since 1982 but was shaved from head to toe in places I never expected to shave. I could have worn a bikini without any trouble.
Last week I was wheeled into a surgical theater where Dr. Robertson and his team were introduced to me. The anathesiologist said: “I’m giving you a cocktail.” I saw no drink and – in fact saw nothing until five next morning – when ICU nurse Dorothy pulled the intubation tubes from my throat.

I was wired up to tubes and electronics and looked like a really weak and pale Borg Queen from the old Star Trek T.V. series. What surprised me was that, although my chest had been opened and my ribs jacked apart, there was little pain. I was given pain medication but I insisted on less than the amounts prescribed.

I was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for only two days cared for with skill, wisdom, empathy, and absolute professionalism by nurses for whom, although I love my wife of 50 years, with absolute love for Dororthy, Vickie, Angela and others whose names the drugs keep me from remembering but who were no less professional and expert care. The doctors from the team visited me often and as my condition approved and I was able to walk around the ward, tubes, injections, drips and electronics were removed from me in bits and pieces with each removal making me more comfortable even when I was a less than perfect patient.

I went back to a cardiac care unit where I spent two days complaining about having to sit still and only walk a few laps around the ward in a “gown” that hid little and exposed more than I wished to those in the hospital who had seen it all before and reminded me that ICU really stands for “I see You.”

They sent me home Thursday and I am in the loving care of a perfect wife and my eldest daughter who make me feel like Sally Field: “They really like me.”

I am only allowed a short amount of time on a computer, as I heal, so I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California who have me successfully home and on the way to a full recovery. I write because it is important to me to tell everyone who hears what I say or write that I am totally impressed, awed and thank G_d that I was cared for by Dr. Robertson, Dr. Wright and the entire staff at St. John’s from the surgeons, the technicians, the nurses, the Certified Nursing Assistants and the people who drove the gurneys and wheelchairs that moved me around the hospital.

The next issue of ZIFL should be back in full force by the 1st since I feel very strong today, five days post surgery.

As a bonus to my recovery, and Full Court Press announced last week – while I was less than mobile – that they have selected three of my books as their first published works. That news was better than any drug. Their Press Release follows:

New Books From Full Court Press

Full Court Press continues to publish expert secondary content. This time it’s a new collection of insurance law treatises from consultant, expert witness, arbitrator, and mediator Barry Zalma.

Barry Zalma practiced law in California for more than 44 years as an insurance coverage and claims-handling lawyer, and has spent more than 50 years in the insurance business. We welcome his deskbooks as the first published under our Full Court Press imprint. Three titles are available in ePub and MOBI format, as well as on the Fastcase legal research platform.

Insurance Law Deskbook: Learn the insurance basics that are essential to every civil practitioner.

California Insurance Law Deskbook: California has long led the way when it comes to insurance jurisprudence in the United States, and few know more about California insurance law than Barry Zalma.

Insurance Bad Faith and Punitive Damages Deskbook: Understand the relationship between insurance, the tort of bad faith, and why punitive damages are awarded to punish insurers.

An annual subscription to secondary content on the Fastcase platform includes new editions and updates published by the author as they are rolled out, so you can rest assured that your research is up to date.

Go to for more detail and how to use the material on-line as part of your legal or insurance research or as stand-alone e-books.

A ClaimSchool ™ Publication, Written by Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, © 2018 ClaimSchool, Inc. & Barry Zalma

Volume 22, No. 10
May 15 2018

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  1. Steve Thompson says:


    I should have known something was up when you did not answer your cell phone about 10 days ago.

    Let me know when you are well enough to escape for a lunch. Or If I get up your way first, I will find you.

    Best regards for a complete and rapid recovery.

    Steve Thompson

  2. Michael Karlis says:

    You take care of yourself and heal!

    Looking forward to continued reading.

    G_d Bless!

    Mike Karlis

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