Sometimes Insurance Fraud Doesn’t Pay

Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter

July 1, 2015

Compliance With The California SIU Regulations

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This webinar will provide the annual training required by the SIU Regulations required of all anti-fraud personnel and will highlight the effort to reduce the multi-billion dollar crime that bleeds the insurance industry of potential profits.

Sometimes Insurance Fraud Doesn’t Pay

In this, the thirteenth issue of the 19th year of publication of Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter (ZIFL) Barry Zalma, on July 1, 2015 continues the effort to reduce the effect of insurance fraud around the world. The issue indicates that, regardless of some success, the efforts must be increased.

The current issue of ZIFL reports on:

1.    False Claim Conviction Affirmed in Utah.
2.    New From Barry Zalma, “Insurance Law” published by the National Underwriter Company.
3.    Fraud Fails – Insured Must Pay Insurer.
4.    E-Books from Barry Zalma
5.    Health Insurance Fraud Scheme Conviction Affirmed
6.    The Zalma Insurance Claims Library
7.    Minnesota Adds New Anti-Fraud Laws
8.    Renzi Stays in Jail.
9.    Webinar – Compliance With the California SIU Regulations
10.    Good News

The issue closes, as always, with reports on convictions for insurance fraud across the country making clear the disparity of sentences imposed on those caught defrauding insurers and the public with sentences from probation to several years in jail.


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