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The right of an insured of a receive the benefits of an insurance policy cease when the insured misrepresents or conceals material fact when applying for a policy of insurance exists in most states of the United States and many countries based upon British Common law.

In the latest videos posted to Chapter 16 of Zalma’s Insurance 101 those issues and how to recognize and deal with the potential for rescission are touched upon by Zalma’s Insurance 101. If you want to learn everything from “what is insurance” to bad faith and rescission, you need to consider the 944 videos, the latest videos were posted to In each of the videos approximately three to six minutes each, are based on my book “Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide” where by viewing one or more a day you can learn everything you need to know about property and casualty insurance and insurance claims handling.

The videos track the matters covered in my book “Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide” available from the National Underwriter Company at

When I began working on this videoblog it was my intent to create a complete insurance claims education in three to four minute increments. It is created to allow the student – whether a novice or experienced insurance professional – to learn painlessly by viewing one or more video a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year. The videos will provide anyone interested in insurance to painlessly learn everything there is to know about property and casualty insurance while having the morning’s first cup of coffee or while munching on the first bagel of the day.

Also available are 1659 case summaries available at Zalma on Insurance,

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An insurance coverage and claims handling author, consultant and expert witness with more than 48 years of practical and court room experience.
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