Published today: Zalma on Insurance Claims Part 102 – Third Edition

Zalma on Insurance Claims Part 102 – Third Edition

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Zalma on Insurance Claims, Part 102, Third Edition is the second volume in the latest addition to Barry Zalma’s insurance claims series of books and articles. It is the second part of Zalma on Insurance Claims, a ten-volume treatise on insurance claims, insurance coverage, insurance fraud and insurance law. The ten-volume treatise is one of the most thorough, up-to-date, expert-authored insurance claims guide available today.

Written by nationally-renowned insurance coverage expert Barry Zalma, an insurance coverage attorney, consultant, expert witness and blogger, Zalma on Insurance Claims provides in-depth explanations, analysis, examples, and detailed discussion of:

Property insurance claims;
Third-party liability claims;
Casualty claims;
Insurance coverage;
Insurance claims investigation; and
Insurance Fraud.

Thorough, yet practical, this book is the ideal guide for any professional who works in, or frequently interacts with, the insurance industry. Claims professionals, risk managers, producers, underwriters, attorneys (both plaintiff and defense), and business owners will benefit greatly from this multiple volume guide.

It is the perfect resource for insurance educators, trainers, and students whose role requires an understanding of insurance claims and insurance claims law.

As you read through the various volumes of Zalma on Insurance Claims, you will find comprehensive—yet comprehensible—coverage of key topics, including:

The History of Insurance;
The Covenant of Good Faith and Fair dealing;
The Tort of Bad faith;
Declaring a policy void;
Duties of insured and insurer;
Evaluation and settlement;
Identifying insurance fraud
Claims Investigation;
Insurance Fraud Investigation;
Kinds of insurance policies;
Other insurance clauses;
Preparing an insurance case for trial;
Processing a claim;
Responses to fraud;
Subrogation and salvage; and

The author has provided checklists, sample procedures, form letters, tables and information and references to model statutes, state statutes, administrative regulations, and requirements of insurance departments nationwide.

This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional service.

© 2021 – Barry Zalma

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, now limits his practice to service as an insurance consultant specializing in insurance coverage, insurance claims handling, insurance bad faith and insurance fraud almost equally for insurers and policyholders. He also serves as an arbitrator or mediator for insurance related disputes. He practiced law in California for more than 44 years as an insurance coverage and claims handling lawyer and more than 52 years in the insurance business. He is available at and

Mr. Zalma is the first recipient of the first annual Claims Magazine/ACE Legend Award.

Over the last 53 years Barry Zalma has dedicated his life to insurance, insurance claims and the need to defeat insurance fraud. He has created the following library of books and other materials to make it possible for insurers and their claims staff to become insurance claims professionals.

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