New E-Book by Barry Zalma

Getting the Whole Truth

A New E-book by Barry Zalma

Interviews happen everywhere; they are performed by almost everyone. Everyone has, at some point in his or her life interviewed another person. Gathering accurate information is as important to the insurer, the retail sales organization, the manufacturer, or the corner grocery store as it is to the mother who wants to know where her children have been and what they have done. Interviewing is also very much an art, and the most effective interviews are conducted by those who are knowledgeable and skilled in this art.

We live in a time when information is essential to survival. Accurate information is the lifeblood of any business, and those who wish to compete must have intelligence about the marketplace and its competitors. The gathering of accurate information is essential, too, to businesses potentially faced with fraud, embezzlement, the dangers of employee dishonesty or what personnel are doing to fulfill assignments from management. News organizations like Reuters, UP, AP, and others are designed to provide credible and useful information to those who need it. News reporters – if they are to be effective – must be consummate interviewers. If news is not gathered in a reliable fashion by skilled interviewers, it will be useless and the news organization will lose all credibility. In the same way, police officers, lawyers, insurance adjusters and private investigators must be effective interviewers who also understand the techniques for obtaining useful and believable information.

Any person who is curious and applies one or more of the techniques set out in this ebook will obtain more information than his or her competitors. The purpose of this ebook is, indeed, to help anyone learn how to get the truth about anything from anyone. If you have a need to obtain information from another person you need “Getting the Whole Truth”. “Getting the Whole Truth” is available from Specialty Technical Publishers at

This 200-page eBook is designed to help human resources, law enforcement, legal, and insurance professionals get the whole truth through the interview process.

Successful and effective interviews require preparation and skill.  With humor – and the insight gained from years of experience – Mr. Zalma delivers step-by-step commentaries and examples that have real-life, practical applications.  Read this book to learn interview techniques such as:

  •  Pre-interview information gathering and other preparation.
  • Identifying the many personality types the interviewer may encounter.
  • Using the right approach with each personality type
  • Developing rapport with the interviewee.
  • Collaborating with the person interviewed to seek only the truth.
  • Verifying evidence after the interview.
  • Accounting for contentious issues such as false memory syndrome.

Getting the Whole Truth can be purchased from Specialty Technical Publishers for just $50. STP also offers the following publications by Barry Zalma: Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide, Construction Defects: Litigation and Claims and Mold: A Comprehensive Claims Guide.

About Barry Zalma

An insurance coverage and claims handling author, consultant and expert witness with more than 48 years of practical and court room experience.
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