Don’t Let the Corona Plague Stop Passover

“The Passover Seder For Americans”

American Jews Can Deal with the Corona Sequestration

Because of the Pandemic the standard gathering of family to hear the story of the Exodus will be impossible to be performed because of the governmental sequestration caused by the Corona Virus. We should not allow the virus, a plague equal to those sent against the Egyptian slave holders, stop the need to retell the story.

For only $4.95 you can send a Kindle version of the Seder to members of your family to tell the story in their own home and for those families technologically wise can use computers to bring you together. Allow the English only version to tell the story and defeat the Plague of Corona brought on the earth by explaining the importance of the need to remember the Exodus. Available as a Kindle Book  Available as a Paperback 

Thea and Barry Zalma have created an English only Seder that works for our family and will allow you and your families to tell the story of the Exodus painlessly and with the joy and celebration it deserves so that no member of our family forgets what G_d did for us when He took us out of slavery in Egypt and led us to a promised land.

The Reason for the Seder

For more than 3,000 years Jewish fathers have told the story of the Exodus of the enslaved Jews from Egypt. Telling the story has been required of all Jewish fathers. Americans, who have lived in North America for more than 300 years have become Americans and many have lost the ability to read, write and understand the Hebrew language in which the story of Passover was first told in the Torah.

Passover is one of the many holidays Jewish People celebrate to help them remember the importance of G_d in their lives. We see the animals, the oceans, the rivers, the mountains, the rain, sun, the planets, the stars, and the people and wonder how did all these wonderful things come into being.

Jews believe the force we call G_d created the entire universe and everything in it. Jews feel G_d is all seeing and knowing and although we can’t see Him, He is everywhere and in everyone.We understand that when G_d began to create the world there was nothing and that time, as we know it, had no meaning. G_d created all.

Because of the creation we are able to track time and celebrate Passover every year at the same time. We do so based on the lunar calendar used by our ancestors not the Julian calendar modern people use. As a result, Passover se

We feel G_d gave people a conscience hoping it would help us decide right from wrong, to do our best to make good choices, to try to help others, not hurt others and to try to make right the wrongs we have done to others.

The rituals that make up the Jewish holidays help remind us how thankful we are for how much we have accomplished with G_d ’s help and how grateful we are to G_d for everything we have and everything we are.

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