Claims Commandments Eleven & Twelve

Claims Commandments — 11 & 12


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Claims Commandment 11 — Thou Shall Empathize With the Claimant

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The adjuster should avoid sympathy and work to convince the insured or claimant that the adjuster empathizes with the claimant’s situation.

An insurer whose claims staff is made up of people who are less than Insurance Claims Professionals will be destroyed by expensive and counter-productive litigation.

Claims Commandment XII — Thou Shall Stay With A Claim

Insurance is a personal service business. Although there is nothing in a policy of insurance that even mentions an insurance adjuster insurers found that they needed to help the people they insured to make it possible to resolve claims without animosity. The insurance adjuster is the only contact a person insured has with the insurer.

To be an effective adjuster it is imperative that the adjuster establish rapport with the insured and continue with the insured from the first notice of loss until the conclusion of the claim to the satisfaction of the insured and the insurer.

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