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Insurance Claims Books

Over the last 55 years Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE has dedicated his life to insurance, insurance claims and the need to defeat insurance fraud. He has created the following library of books and other materials to make it for insurers and their claims staff to become insurance claims professionals.

Some of the Books Available from the Insurance Claims Library include:

  1. Zalma on Insurance Claims –  Third Edition – 10 Volumes
  2. The Compact Book of Adjusting Property Insurance Claims – Third Edition
  3. The Compact Book on Adjusting Liability Claims, Third Edition
  4. A Compact Book on How Judges Read, Understand, Interpret and Rule on Insurance Policy Issues
  5. The Compact Book on Ethics
  6. How to Acquire, Understand, and Make a Successful Claim on a Commercial Property Insurance Policy: Information Needed for Individuals and Insurance Pros to Deal With Commercial Property Insurance
  7. The Tort of Bad Faith
  8. The Equitable Remedy of Rescission of Insurance
  9. Insurance Fraudsters Deserve No Quarter
  10. The Examination Under Oath to Resolve Insurance Claims
  11. Insurance Fraud – Volume I & Volume II Second Edition
  12. Construction Defects and Insurance Second Edition 8 Volumes
  13. The Homeowners Insurance Policy Handbook
  14. It’s Time to Abolish The Tort of Bad Faith
  15. Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone
  16. California SIU Regulations 2020
  17. Zalma’s Mold & Fungi Handbook
  18. Getting the Whole Truth: Interviewing Techniques for the Lawyer
  19. Mold Claims – 2 Volumes
  20. The Little Book on Ethics for the American Lawyer
  21. Random Thoughts on Insurance – 15 Volumes
  22. Candy and Abel: Murder for Insurance Money – Fiction
  23. Murder And Insurance Fraud Don’t Mix -Fiction
  24. Murder & Old Lace: Solving Murders Performed for Insurance Money – Fiction
  25. Arson for Terrorism and Profit – Fiction
  26. M.O.M. & The Taipei Fraud – Fiction
  27. Arson-For-Profit Fire at the Cowboy Bar & Grill – Fiction
  28. The Insurance Law Deskbook
  29. California Insurance Law Deskbook
  30. Zalma on Property and Casualty Insurance
  31. Insurance Bad Faith and Punitive Damages Deskbook
  32. Insurance Law
  33. The Commercial Property Insurance Policy Deskbook
  34. The Insurance Fraud Deskbook
  35. Diminution in Value Damages
  36. Property Investigation Checklists Uncovering Insurance Fraud, 13th Edition

Links to all of these books are available at and can be acquired for reasonable prices from and from the publishers at reasonable prices.

Each book or series of books are created to provide a complete library for the insurance claims professional whether an adjuster, investigator, or insurance lawyer (whether representing insurers or policyholders).

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Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, now limits his practice to service as an insurance consultant specializing in insurance coverage, insurance claims handling, insurance bad faith and insurance fraud almost equally for insurers and policyholders. He practiced law in California for more than 44 years as an insurance coverage and claims handling lawyer and more than 54 years in the insurance business. He is available at and

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