Become a Certified Expert in Corporate Property Insurance and a Certified Expert in Corporate Liability Insurance

Certifications to Become an Insurance Professional

Now available from Illumeo and Barry Zalma

Everyone involved in insurance – either as an insurer or as an insured – requires excellence in claims handling. Businesses need to deal with insurers who have an excellence in claims-handling mandate. Insurers who wish to profit need an excellence in property and/or liability claims-handling program. Everyone in business needs an insurer who has an excellence in property or liability claims-handling program in effect.

I have created two comprehensive video programs enabling anyone to become an insurance professional and Certified as an Expert in Corporate Property Insurance and/or as a Certified Expert in Corporate Liability Insurance. Both programs are available from

The programs are complete courses of study providing education and training to allow insurance professionals, after completing the individual classes, to become a Certified Expert. The programs cover everything an employee, an officer or a director of a corporation, an insurance agent or broker, an insurance adjuster or underwriter, need to know about how to acquire proper insurance, how to present a claim to an insurer, how to cooperate in the investigation of the insurer and to resolve any claim presented by the corporation to the insurer.

Major topics of study include, but are not limited to:

  1. That insurance is a contract and how to understand the basic rules of interpretation of contracts.
  2. The application for insurance and how it is used by the applicant and the insurer.
  3. The need for offer, acceptance, and consideration to form an insurance contract.
  4. How to read and understand the insurance contract.
  5. The first party property insurance contract and how it is formed and made effective.
  6. The importance of conditions and limitations in a first party property policy.
  7. The rules of insurance contract interpretation.
  8. The “contra preferentum” rule.
  9. The standard fire policy.
  10. The auto material damage policy.
  11. The need for a thorough claims investigation.
  12. How to conduct a thorough claims investigation.
  13. Understanding the damages available to a claimant who believes he or she was injured by the insured’s negligence.
  14. What is required to complete a thorough investigation.
  15. Why the insured is required to assist the insurer in completing a thorough investigation.
  16. Why it is essential that the claims person evaluates the potential liability of the insured.
  17. Understanding the various types of special and general damages.
  18. Liability and comparative negligence.
  19. The importance of venue and jurisdiction.
  20. Understanding the importance of the plaintiff and defendant and their lawyers.
  21. Dealing with the importance of the nature of the injuries.
  22. Understanding the importance of judicial review.
  23. Consideration for an early settlement.
  24. The duty owed by the insurer to the insured.
  25. The duty of the insured to the insurer.
  26. Use of experts.
  27. The Independent Medical Exam.
  28. Settlement Negotiations.
  29. Alternative dispute resolution.

The full curriculum of the courses and other courses from Barry Zalma are available at by entering in the search bar the word “zalma.”


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I have placed books on as both e-books and as paperbacks to explain, in fiction based on reality, information to help everyone understand that insurance fraud can be defeated by a thorough investigation.

Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE, now limits his practice to service as an insurance consultant  specializing in insurance coverage, insurance claims handling, insurance bad faith and insurance fraud almost equally for insurers and policyholders. He also serves as an arbitrator or mediator for insurance related disputes. He practiced law in California for more than 44 years as an insurance coverage and claims handling lawyer and more than 50 years in the insurance business. He is available at and

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