A YouTube Video on How to Negotiate Settlement of a Third Party Liability Claim

How to Negotiate a Settlement

After the adjuster determines that coverage exists, that the insured is probably liable for causing bodily injury or property damage to a third person, the adjuster must negotiate a settlement with the claimant or his or her attorney.

Just like the plaintiff’s attorney in a personal injury case, the insurance adjuster will investigate the claim – the facts of the accident and the plaintiff’s damages.

A very skillful and well-prepared insurance adjuster will often know more about the accident and about the plaintiff’s background than the plaintiff’s lawyer does.

The adjuster prepares for making an offer by first getting the insured’s story of the accident. This is obtained by completing a thorough recorded statement.

The adjuster will then investigate the plaintiff or claimant. The investigation can be as simple as reviewing claims databases compiled by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) or the Insurance Services Office (ISO) all claims data base that allow adjusters to determine whether the plaintiff has ever filed a personal injury claim before. The thorough adjuster will also search Google, Bing, Ask, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn as much as possible about the plaintiff.

Determining the Value of a Pain and Suffering Claim

This is the real struggle, both for plaintiff’s attorneys and for insurance adjusters. Adjusters these days have the assistance of formulas and specialized software to assign a value to the subjective pain, suffering and inconvenience claims.

Negotiating a final settlement is a little like bargaining to buy something at an outdoor market where haggling is commonplace. The adjuster and the claimant, plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney both know roughly how much the damages claim is worth. The adjuster knows the most he or she is willing to pay and the claimant, plaintiff or lawyer, know the least amount they are willing to take to settle.

The video is available at https://youtu.be/Yxwj2lxa_p8

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