A Video Explaining the Consideration for Early Settlement of a Construction Defect Suit


Considerations for Early Settlement

See the full video at https://youtu.be/uj04AxGJ41U

It is an axiom followed by almost every attorney that the sooner a suit is settled the less it will cost the defendants. Invariably as suits drag on, as discovery is received and analyzed, the positions of the parties become less amenable to compromise. If defendants and their counsel believe that liability against the defendant is reasonably clear, they should work to bring the parties together to attempt an early settlement. Some of the reasons for the early settlement are discussed below.

Adverse Publicity

The reputation of a builder, developer, engineer, or architect can be destroyed by adverse publicity. Wide dissemination of a single charge of negligent construction can cause the person charged to lose business. Early settlement, if appropriate, can eliminate the concern for the damages caused by adverse publicity. Preferably, settlement should be reached before suit is filed and appropriate language in the settlement agreement should make the settlement confidential. The confidentiality agreement should include an agreement to pay liquidated damages (a damage amount set in the settlement agreement) to the other party if breached.

Court Imposed Terms or Sanctions

Bad Facts and Serious Injuries

Legal Issues

Multiple Claims

If the loss is such that paying all claimants what they want would exhaust the limits of the insured’s policy, the insurer, before effecting any settlement, should do the following:

  • advise the insured of the limits available and that the claims may exceed these limits;
  • advise the insured that he or she has the right to obtain, at his or her expense, independent counsel to advise of the exposure the accident has caused to his or her assets; and
  • advise each claimant, and their counsel, of the limits available.

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