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Primer: Rescission of Insurance

The article starts out as follows:

An insurance policy is nothing more than a contract. It is a special type of contract because – by law – it contains an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. What that means is that neither party to the contract must do nothing to prevent the other from obtaining the benefits of the contract.

When a prospective insured violates the covenant of good faith and fair dealing by misrepresenting or concealing a material fact that deceives an insurer to take on a risk that would not have been taken had the truth been known the law allows the insurer – upon a presentation of sufficient admissible evidence – to rescind the policy and treat it as if it never came into existence.

Developing the evidence is not easy. It requires the effort of an insurance professional to collect the evidence – whether documentary or by oral testimony – to convince a judge or jury that the insurer acted properly, that the insured deceived the insurer and that the court should order that the policy was void ab initio (from its inception).

What an Insurer Must Prove to Rescind a Policy of Insurance

In many states, following ancient British precedent that predated the formation of the United States, an insurer that discovers a factual basis establishing that an insured obtained a policy by deceiving the insurer about the risk applied for by the insured the insurer may declare the policy void from its inception and treat it as if it never existed. In simple language, if the insurer discovers, either before or after a loss, that the policy was acquired as a result of a misrepresentation or concealment of a material fact, it may rescind the policy. In most states the ancient Marine Rule (first stated in 1766 in the British House of Lords in a case called Carrter v. Boehn) is followed and rescission is available regardless of whether the insured fraudulently or innocently misrepresented or concealed a material fact.

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