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To type or not to type, that is the question. LearnNothing's Incredible
Typing Monkeys!

(Eat your heart out, Willy!)

Whenever possible, we try to deliver our online courses using our patented "Blank Page" Technology (BPT™). This keeps things simple for agents and dramatically reduces the amount of cranial contortions necessary to meet state CE requirements. However, some regulators insist that the only way to measure the value of self-directed CE programs is through a word count.

Well, we hope they can count as fast as our monkeys can type, because man can they fly! As the leading CE innovator in the insurance industry, LearnNothing has assembled the largest amalgamation of typing monkeys the CE world has ever seen. Our skilled chimps and Peruvian marmosets can spew out online content like a sailor on a three-day drinking binge.

"Diminution of Value," our newest typing chimp!Why pay for expensive insurance technicians that slowly grind out difficult, complicated courses, when we can deliver equally incomprehensible insurance gibberish at light speed...and pass along the savings to YOU!? It's a win-win situation...the monkeys love it, you save time and money, and we make a fortune!

Our monkeys can do more than type!And don't let anyone tell you that Monkey-Powered™ CE isn't as credible as more traditional (and boring) delivery systems. Just listen to what one of our many satisfied customers recently had to say about

"Hey Thanks! I finished up the last couple of CE's I needed in just a couple of minutes. I got tired of listening to confusing instructors teaching worthless courses about improving service to ignorant insureds! Your site provided me with a splendid opportunity to meet my continuing education requirements with just the click of the mouse while surfing the web! I can't believe how you have made so much useless information so accessible to professional insurance agents like me!  Thank you! The insurance industry is a better place because of you! I haven't had to do a lick of work in my insurance agency for twenty years, except to meet my stupid CE requirements. Finally a site that really works!"

Candy Howard, NOCLUE, AN IDT
(name and Designations changed to protect the guilty party)
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