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Monkey-Powered™ Format
Experience Rating & Retrospective Rating Plans

Welcome to a FREE online course, courtesy of! To take the course, simply review each module in the "Course Modules" menu to the left. After completing all modules, select the "Take CE Exam" menu item at the bottom of the list and you're done!

The entire course should take you about 12 minutes to complete. If the course was approved for CE credits, you would earn twelve (12) CE credit hours in states that approve courses using our patented Monkey-Powered™ format.

If you are in a state that accepts our "Blank Page" Technology (BPT™), then you can click below to take this course in that format:

Click here for the "Blank Page" Technology (BPT™) version

Otherwise, click on Bosco below and let's get going!

(P.S. If you'd like to print any of the modules for reference, just use the File/Print menu selection on your browser.)

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Click here if you want to do something about BAD CE!

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