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Experience Rating & Retrospective Rating Plans

Welcome to our FREE sample online CE course. As you know, while this course is free, it is NOT approved for CE credits...otherwise, how would we make any money?!

However, this will give you a good idea of the VALUE of our online CE courses. We believe that value has nothing to do with content. Content just gets in the way of what you really need and want...lots of CE credits with minimal effort. Therefore, we define value as a formula:

               CE Credit Hours
     VALUE = ------------------- X 1000
             Cost($) X Time(hrs)

So, the greater the cost and/or the longer it takes to complete a course, the less value you get. For example, one "legitimate" online course provider has a 12-hour CE course that costs $195 and took an EXPERT we know 15 hours to complete it (including taking the exam seven times).

By our calculations, that course has a "value" of "4" (and, don't forget, we're not even including the value of your time). Contrast that with most of our 12-hour courses that cost $20 each and take 12 get a value of "3,000!" That's 750 times more value than our competitor!!! Twelve CE hours in a little over a hundredth of the time and at only 10% of the cost! Now THAT'S value!

Not only that, but our exams are MUCH easier than the competition's. Since they expect you to actually learn something from their courses (as if you really cared), their exams are HARD! Our exams are a formality and, in states that require that courses actually consist of words, our courses include those words right beside the test questions! It doesn't get any easier than that.

But enough'll find out the real value of our programs when you try one. So, let's get started with a real heavy-hitting course called "Experience Rating & Retrospective Rating Plans." Since our programs, in order to comply with the petty whims of some picky regulators, are offered in two formats, we'll present this course in both using our patented "Blank Page" Technology (BPT™) and the other using our Monkey-Powered™ format.

To get started, just return to the "Course Options" menu near the top left side of this page and select either the "Blank Page" Technology (BPT™) format or the Monkey-Powered™ format. Then enjoy CE delivered the way it SHOULD be...quick and cheap! Once you've "LearnedNothing," you'll never want to go back to more traditional, expensive, and boring ways to get your CE credits. LearnNothing...nobody does it better (or cheaper)!

Click here if you want to do something about BAD CE!
Click here if you want to do something about BAD CE!

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